miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

coderas P.S. I made this

Habréis visto millones de veces P.S. I made this..., si no es así os la recomiendo¡¡¡¡ os dejo un proyecto fácil, aunque me gustaría más con otra tela.... así que ya sabeissssssssssss..... Coderas para todas¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Fashion forward-thinkers know while plaid is most recognized for its place in wooly blankets, scarves and cozy flannels for that cold winter’s eve, our passion for this most versatile textile gives it stylish new life this season in the form of purses, platforms, ponchos…even pedis!  While Burberry wears the crown, plaid madness has crisscrossed the runways of heavy hitters like Dries Van Noten, Donna Karan and Vivenne Westwood, delivering looks that range from posh to punk. Its origins stem back to 16th century Scotland and the British Isles, where it’s traditionally known as tartan.  Originally donned in varying colors and patterns to identify different clans, royals soon romanticized and made it popular with the masses. On November 13, Disney Pixar is releasing on DVD, “Brave“—an animated tale about Merida, a determined spunky Princess who defies the rules to break an evil curse. Get inspired by this young heroine, go mad for plaid and add a weave to your sleeve! 

To create: Use a marker, draw and cut a pattern for your elbow patch. You could use a template or for a fun shape try a cookie cutter. Next, trace and trim the pattern on your tartan fabric. Pin the patches to the sweater at the elbows with straight pins and stitch with needle and thread. Create a temporary look or double-up on the thread to securely attach them. 

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